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lirik lagu ibri – blue magic


[verse 1]

you know i bring that blue magic to the mic
dont think im friendly, cuz i surely will bite
im out of sight like when you turn out the lights, but yet you can still see me cuz my flow is super bright
ill knock any hater out like mike
but yet i’m still spalding like mike
you go against me, & it’s gonna be a rough fight
i go round for round, & pound for pound, & do it all night
i stay high like a kite
not in drugs but in sales, ight
your boy stay strong like sprite
& im cutting through these rap lames, something like a knife
oh yeah i know you heard of us
oh yeah i know you heard of us
you know how, im so hot that i got the microphone burning up


if you ain’t a monsta
then you can’t roll with us (x’s 3)
im blue magic on these beats, shawty i thought i told ya

[verse 2]

a dog, a beast, a legend
they callin’ me hip hop’s reverend
because my flow’s like heaven
there’s no comparison, it’s unbeatable
yes you know i be the dude
you go against me, please you don’t want no feud
you’ll loose your money, something like you’re getting sued
im the best, no need to get confused
i’ll slurp you rap lames up something like some soup
your level is where i will not stoop
i got the magic like alakazam
all my songs hit harder than bam
matter of fact, like a ram
i’m original, yall eat food like spam
i don’t like you, shawty need to scram
like a pig, i go ham