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lirik lagu j-$killz – what for


beat produced by:
recorded, written, mixed & mastered by: j-$k!llz

“what for”

(the what, the who, the when) x4
where do i begin?
should i start with where i’m from, who i am?
“mr. dyin’ city” j-$k!llz
i did it for the love, in l-st
of things i never had- losing sight of who i am
or was, cause they’ll tell you i’m not the same
that i f-ckin’ changed- well i did
cut the dead weight, stopped the bullsh-t
spit nothin’ but full clips
automatic delivery sendin’ quivers up your spine
ey3$ee the fear in your eyes
know the lies in those eyes
why bluff?
when them two deuces you had
and i had these aces in the hole
ready to fly, top gun pilot the whole time
been clockin’ over time, now i’m aged wine
more mature but rest -ssure
the beast is never resting-
always restless goin’ stir crazy
bouncin’ off the walls, grabbin’ my b-lls
screamin’ f-ck em’ all
gone off too much weed and alcohol
but motherf-cker i’m good
as long as your b-tches love me
yeah and they love me
wanna suck-n-f-ck
young and reckless never gave a f-ck
bout a p-ssy,c-nt, sl-t, yup!
feelin’ is what they tell me
their feelin me like “we feelin’ you j”
but f-ck your feelings is how i’m feelin’
comin’ back on my worst behavior
not even my momma could save ya
shootin’ lasers thru your forehead
don’t worry “i got a red dot on mine too”
they’ll prolly k!ll me if they can’t control me
mark my words
i got the heart of my city-
but there ain’t no love in my city
a lot of blood spilled in my city
so “cross your t’s and dot your i’s”
when you walk these lines
the wrong moves can get you chalk outlined
so like a soldier, i fall in line
play the cards i was delt
just know i’m a leader- a teacher
a student, a human
just like you with opinions
and free will- the truth will set you free
word to the people
i plead the fifth when question by authority
i will never quit, no
i will never(x2) quit
i will never give up on what i started
too much heart, p-ssion and dedication
to keep me motivated
somethin’ like a walking inspiration
i know they hate it
i know they hate it