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lirik lagu papoose – shade45 c.r.e.a.m. freestyle


okay, superstar jay w-ssup?
f-ck it man, i’m brooklyn
you already know man, let me see man

they say guilty, well i say innocent
they don’t want to see me blow cause i’m militant
what’s the real reason they don’t want the kid to win
cause i got knowledge of self and they ignorant
see i was tryin’ to tell ya’ll, i get it in
no, i don’t think you heard me, i get it in
them other rap dudes i ain’t really feelin’ them
i’m a real brooklyn n-gga like k!ller ben
see i move that white boy like eminem
get rich or die tryin’ like 50 cent
i’m on that military grind for the dividends
you catch one of mine slippin’, k!ll ’em then
i got enemies, i ain’t got too many friends
i’ll tell you one thing, i bet you never k!ll again
they say the south got it locked, that’s interestin’
this year i got the key, i’m comin’ in to win
i grew up bangin’ in them sparford? spots
walked through wild adolescence with the hardest bop
moved chocolate right in front of the chocolate spot
bang or get off the block
i took the picture with the mic in one hand
my other hand the crons was c-cked
cause all i got for the industry in bars in shots
i listen to everything, heard them songs you got
i threw your cd away and closed the garbage top
i don’t rock with n-ggas who get robbed a lot
rock with n-ggas who rob, so you get robbed and rocked
but ever since i seen ? car get popped
i don’t play with nothin’ with robbin’ shots
they left him on the ground shakin’
mouth full of slob and snot
n-ggas gave him a seizure like a barber shop
you think i won’t pop off? ask my moms and pops
the only reason i’m here is cause the condom popped

if anybody could get it everybody could get it
hunger in my eyes, cause my eyes eat dro
walk in st. johns, beat him with his i.v. pole
twist a og back with somethin’ like a go
hit the 45 6 times like a ceelo
why would i let a n-gga violate me like a p.o.?
when i could put a n-gga in the box like a c.o
put the work in the toilet, it’s dt’s in your spot
crackers won’t even let you put your feet in your sock
runnin’ ’round talkin’ ’bout you had the beacon on lock
i kick you in your -ss while you cheekin’ your ox
workers sneak deep in your rocks
don’t even got they own pot to p-ss in
so n-ggas want to pee in your pot
i don’t want to catch you when you put your weed on the block
cause i’d rather catch you when you put your key in your lock
you’s a bird, i should break every beak in your flock
cause i peep ’em creepin’ to c-ck
i ask ’em for the time, throw the drop on ’em while he reading his watch
throw more drops than rain when the season is hot
throw more drops than rain, then the region is trop
pickow, pop pistols, cl!ck blaow, flee in the drop
cause the big apple was rotten, we eatin’ the rot
you got to eat when you got
c0ke money you can eat when it pop
crack money you can eat when it uh
c0ke money comes sporadically, you eat off the top
but that dope money man, it’s similar to all 3 of the lox
cause we move a lot of d on my block