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lirik lagu chocoshortay – twin supah-soakahz


[verse 1: chocoshortay]

yo what’s that? cell block is f-cking back
f-ck with that attack, that is f-cking whack
d’s on this f-cking track, c-mming on his f-cking back
f-ggots what you f-cking jack, cut you some f-cking slack
you suck that’s a fact, suck d-cks for f-cking crack
what you lack get back in f-cking ball sacks
now a sad sack f-cking talking mad smack
f-ck that, need a snack? after that f-cking f-dg- pack
swinging a f-cking ax at, am-ssing f-cking tooth plaque
living in a f-cking crack shack, where those f-cking stacks at?
better unpack, those tracks are f-cking… whack
smack that -ss with a f-cking bat, and fall f-cking flat
no f-cking come back, dome splat
no f-cking sh-t under that, give my d-ck a cowboy hat
who knew a d-ck could get that fat?
home run at bat, give that ball a f-cking smack
blast that f-cking gat, get the f-ck out the way of that
smooth like a persian cat, you sh-ggy like a f-cking rat
with that, get your f-cking prayer mat
your eyes are black, that’s a fact

[bridge: conslizzy/cannibaltrew]
play that f-cking track!

[verse 2: chocoshortay]
get your flow f-cking un-stuck
been struck, d-ck c-ms a f-cking dump truck
grill f-cked up, good luck, you suck
c’mon f-ggot, give up
you’ve got f-cking d-cks to suck
motherf-cker, that’s a straw
my flow is cold, it needs to thaw
slit your throat with a f-cking buzz saw
without flaw, f-cking raw
chainsaw, snaring claws, snaring jaws
wear a maw, stare at theirs, f-cking withdraw
i know, unfair, solar flare, f-cking ensnare
impair, despair, declare lord’s prayer
can’t afford health care, beware, prepare
i’m rare, you’re at day care
take care, f-ggot in the air, smells like pubic hair
heir to the glare, f-cking aware, ain’t easy to scare
come into my lair, where?
time square, your cribs nothing but a f-cking lawn chair
can’t bare, to dare, where these f-cking stairs?
can’t bare to dare, where these stairs?
like my d-cks a bear’s
prepare to need dental care
prepare your thrill, wear and tear
it’s clear this ill, will nothing but a thrill
imported from brazil, make a mill
your game is f-cking downhill
suicide pill to escape my f-cking sk!ll
k!ll bill
this fear, i’m trying to instill
easy to fulfill, mentally ill
shortay’s superior sk!ll, twice as f-cking ill

[outro: conslizzy]