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lirik lagu cory gunz – xxl show n’ off freestyle


im in a bad mood
push it, push it, go ‘head and push it
cat food, p-ssy p-ssy
i said it, p-ssy
f-ck a hater, what they gon’ say
that they hater f-ckers
razor, blader, grenader jugger
fileta sucker
day to day i suffer
kept the train and my favorite trucker
they concernin’
take the burners, determine to make the summer
i ain’t a gangsta
but that ain’t takin’ the gangsta from us
i swear to my borders
i’ll take the orders and shank your mother
caught up in makin’ mothers
repay for mistaken brothers
a fade in the spade
you can play them cards in the bas-m-nt under
my chest is a locket box
no comma for taken numbers
unless its a profit, you plot to stop it
you the naked runner
chase you
baby gunners been able
take ’em fables
a ray mistake
boy, i’ll mangle your face
then lace up your ankles
to scr-pe the staples
f-ck a rapper, today i could take the label
i’ll make an earthquake as stable
rip my shirt and shake the table
how am i what a ? i am what i am
llama quiet the drama
time to silence my lamb
i can name on my hand
top 5 on my hand
me, me, me, me, me
me’s all that came on my hand
gorilla thoughts
i’m an ape with a plan
k!ller bars, blow your brain on your mans
i been outta my mind, before outta my mind
give me some potter, harry
i’m harry potter with rhyme
height of a spiders flight, parkour with climb
writers the dark of night, with my partners in crime
call straight as a bow, i’m an archer with mind
straight as a row, bobby vargo with mind
call a conquerer’s corner, an auto-viner to con
and then leavin’ know that your co-eds
the co-ed writer’s confine
i creep the side of the jeep
and then sleep to sneak through the fog
and i murder you all and go speak to my dog