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lirik lagu chuuwee & trizz – stoned



see, that’s why i don’t like having two blunts in rotation
when its only a couple n-ggas smokin’

well nah n-gga, if you just keep….remembering who to
p-ss it too, it shouldn’t be a problem. you know what
i’m sayin?

aye, go this way bruh, aye go this way…

ahhh f-ck

[verses: trizz & chuuwee]

sharpest n-ggas since razor blades and chainsaws
if the dome great, i’d love to pick at her brain more
marijuana the medicine, keep the flame warm
smokin’ l’s in the booth is what i sustain for

i’ve used words, you’ve never heard before
bad words with adverbs, let my brain restore
f-ck yo pretty punchlines and them lame metaph0r-s
these n-ggas, ain’t sayin’ nothin’
they just tryna record, i’m bored


ain’t a stain on me even if it’s seven days worn
vans on and if i had’em, n-gga my j’s torn
i straight sworn to f-ck b-tches when they swarm
b’s in the trap, blowin’ bomb like napalm


my spit is venomous, mentally f-ckin’ intricate
sick as sh-t, i be rippin’ sh-t, n-ggas ain’t
comprehending this. typical n-gga written sh-t
how much money they gettin’ and how much p-ssy
they hittin’ you gotta f-ckin’ be kidding me

the aesthetic of still driving with a straight warrant
i swear that they don’t want it, still pull up skateboarding
that n-gga chuuwee just surf by like wake boarding
how i’m not the best like, how could a n-gga hate jordan

f-ck a n-gga wearing j’s, these taylors fit fine
don’t get it twisted, i ain’t broke, sh-t i be gettin’
mine. n-gga i keep it real, i’d rather die than live a
lie. i live alive, alive i live, until i die, i’m gettin by

the most blunted, most n-ggas do much frontin’
i’m buck chasin’ and duck huntin’ to f-ck somethin’
or f-ck up sh-t n-gga we came to break somethin’
yo face, yo car windows or in yo place youngin’

in yo face youngin’ all up in yo face thuggin’
where them duckets? n-ggas gotta eat

f-ck modesty apologies i see the chance to make
some calm comradery, i p-ss, ain’t gone be
no lazy -ss n-gga stoppin’ me. wall street
stock market poppin’ off properly. mach speed
yahts b-tch i reach for the impossibly

impossibly possibly i probably deep as socrates
when i was cuttin’ up bodies, sh-t became a commodity
forgot i had some nas in me, n-ggas forgot the pac in me
walk the streets of compton with shockingly no k-dot in me

if she don’t drink sake she can’t rock with me
if she ain’t smokin’ no tweeds get out the c-ck pit
please, please, please, peace, peace, peace
be easy for that mili meezy, speak, speak, speak
she cheated on her n-gga for three weeks, she creap
she talk about yo business in the street, she weak
don’t talk a lot of business to these freaks
the freaks speak, be tellin’ all yo enemies
yo street, peach street

drink drink drink b-tch drink
lay on the bed and let me sink my d-ck
into you pat-te, tight squeeze between them cheeks
we ease between them sheets, we hittin’ s-xual peaks
sensation is so unique

they value the rhyme spit, like diamond sierra le
you n-gga’s ain’t scaring me, you apparently sarah lee
i put you in therapy, i ain’t stingy to share the heat
there’s no comparing to me, these n-ggas is incomplete

(chuuwee & trizz)
i get high, i get high
and get off, and get off

my sh-t ride, my sh-t ride
my sh-t raw, my sh-t raw

i get high, i get high
and get off, and get off

my sh-t ride, my sh-t ride
my sh-t raw, my sh-t raw
i get high, i get high
and get off, and get off
i get high, i get high
and get off, and get off