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lirik lagu bonito – introduction


prolonged chair squeaks as i grip on my pencil
i’ve been sitting here for hours, think i’m going mental
when i stare down at my paper i can feel it in temples
what i wanna is hard there’s no way i’m being gentle

so better listen closely
what i say is no italics, i’ma say it boldly
soon i’ll be dashing down with my trophy
but no running in the lobby, call me mr. moseby

haven’t been active ’cause i’ve been focused on all my studies
getting sick and tired it’s why i’m yawning, nose is stuffy
even tho in my conditions i still find it kinda funny
that you got the b-lls to just even call me buddy

but aye that’s just you though
“should’ve never dropped his -ss”
you better write that tombstone
i won’t even matter till i’m full grown
as long as i keep rapping, man i think i found a loophole

as far as i know, i’m gon’ leave with you an essay
instead sentences because it’s easier explain
there’s no avoiding this, there’s no easy way detain
all this information i’ve been holding for a decade

i’d just like for you to know that i ain’t even done yet
soon enough man i’ll even show you all the functions
maybe even later we can start up a discussion
do my very best to do so without interruptions
at the same time as i overcome obstructions
flow like always without reading the instructions
continue with no stop there will be repercussions
but i’ll just wrap this up ’cause this is just the introduction