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lirik lagu sylk-e. fyne – “what be i on”


[hook x2]
you just don’t know what i be on
i be on you, cause i’m on and i love you but you don’t

[verse: sylk-e. fyne]
i’m in love with you,but you in love with the street life;
i done told you loyalty over lies
the streets don’t play fair;
and neither do i
so to play with my heart is like sleeping with knifes;
and it hurts, when it cuts
and i’m about ready to cut
i done had enough but that don’t stop my love
don’t get me wrong, loving your self first ain’t being selfish;
you show way more love to everybody,than you show to yourself
your valuable your intellectual side
no doubt for yours, you always gone ride;
don’t let your pride interfere with your choices
i know let nature take it’s
you just don’t know what i be on
i be on like a light switch
and your the one i want to
spend my life with;
don’t make my love turn heartless

[hook x2]

not only for the moment, for a whole lifetime
based on a true story, loving this guy, see i’m in love with this guy;

don’t his self, he got a good woman at home
he rather bang with his set;
the life, popping molly’s;
and off that pour up
i’m like, when you gone grow up;
you better slow up, baby
our generation dying young;
s-x, money, murder, drugs
you got me sprung
the way you love me , keep me on
so i want you to listen to every word in this song;
i be on, i be on, i be on you

[hook x2]

fell in love with you, cause you a bad boy;
i ain’t trying to change you
i want you to love yourself more;
time don’t wait
for no one
grown older, gain knowledge;
teach your daughter’s and your son’s
yep, it’s my mother instincts that’s why i’m always on you
over night you can lose your life
family lost and wondering
if you don’t do it for me, then do it for you;
i put that on my hater’s
i’m a ride for you baby boo;
you just don’t know, you just know
so i thought i let you know in this song;
my love ain’t wrong
you just don’t know
real love ain’t wrong
so i thought i let you know in this song;

[hook x2]