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lirik lagu ¡mayday! – who you know


[hook: wrekonize & bernz]
i want you to know, it’s all who you know
it’s not what you spend, it’s not what you hold, it’s all who you know
it’s not the radio, not the video, not the clothes
it’s never ending, it’s all depending on who you know
(it’s who you know)
(tell me who you know)
(it’s who you know)
(it’s who you know)
(do you know?)

[verse 1: wrekonize]
welcome in if you’ve got dreams of the big league
step and get it up if you want to be this mean
there’s plenty of checks to collect in this dream
get the breaking prayer from the minute you’re sixteen
you shake a million hands and do damage to each one
make a million bands and unravel the speech
some only notice if you pack your bags up with explosives
party so corrosive only we can hold this game don’t change me
made my mind now i’m a rock star
they’ve been making promises that honest get my c-ck hard
dodging blocks like m.x.c. and we gonna celebrate a lot until ben gets free
i’m a menace to society, ghost to the biz
terror to the radio and thought to the kids
i’m the one who finally speaks on who goes free
so at the end of it you’re happy that you know me

[verse 2: bernz]
the gate keepers want blood, ain’t goin’ unlock sh-t for no one
sneaking through the kitchen hoping that i blend some
i’ve been trying to get up in this party since day one
what you think i’m on some won’t shout forever
goin’ to make it happen before we come leather
goin’ to get my family a little something that’s better
cause the only thing promised is the tax man’s letter
i hada’ see my father work for the man at all hours
thirty years on the work force and force to retire
feet to the fire sacrifice for the higher
now me motherf-cker got my piece pointed at the umpire
cause d-mn it if this game ain’t rigged
handmedown rock stars trying to jack me
god i’ve seen a lot of crime in the view make it big
and i’ve seen one man changing life with a grin