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lirik lagu lil phro – goosing


[verse 1: lil phro]
what’s up? what’s down?
i got n-ggas goosing all up in my town
they’re goosing when i’m not around
but when i’m there i don’t hear a sound
stop goosing n-gga, stop goosing n-gga
you think you bling, but you ain’t juicing n-gga
you think you’re smart, but you’re stupid n-gga
you think you’re hot, but you a gruesome n-gga
you’re checking them out, i’m raking them in
you sit there and pout, i’m making her bend
i’m stroking my chin
just thinking about how getting money is on my agenda
don’t f-ck with me n-gga because you know i am fixing to blow
and when you be goosing you’re annoying me
and making sh-t hot you already know

[hook: lil phro]
you n-ggas goosing but all you do is sin (oh)
you know she choosing and all i do is win (who?)
dj khaled to the bullsh-t
i got my hair picked so you know i’m not going to quit
there’s money to be made so you know i’m going to get it
if being great was a book then i already read it, i wrote it
and being the tsar is the plot
and i’mma have these n-ggas goosing till i hit the top (uhh)

[verse 2: lil phro]
marigold, rosemary
these the names of these n-ggas cause they’re flower fairies
yeah they some p-ssies, go get your own
you double x n-ggas check the chromosomes
they wanna f-ck with me? they’re lying right?
i’ll make them black and blue and say nighty night
i’mma star switch the “s t”
when they say the best of them they talking bout me
what other n-gga you know with an afro?
who’s got a girl that dont look like a ho?
who’s got grades that aren’t average or below
that got into college and is going to go
d-mn boy, that’s right
call me jimmy walker because its dynamite
my swag is higher than a motherf-cking kite
and i got all the flavors call me a mike and ike


[verse 3: kid mikalski]
uh oh! kid m got into the zone
sipping on grey goose, shots of patron
and lately i’ve been on a roll, n-ggas don’t know how i go
they say how i got my flaming flow, super 8, no one know
don’t wanna cause a scene but you talking about you spit mean
p-ssy -ss n-gga talking bout you a g, tryna rock corduroy jeans
uh, i don’t think so, but i be repping that moco
keep your comfort like that soco
oh you know me? oh no you don’t
tick tock goes the clock
ain’t wasting time building blocks to success
no matter how much i stress, i’m determined to be the best
oh you think you got me? you ain’t going to top me
because i’ve got this genuine goal to make this money flow
all these cups, all these drinks
faded too long, can’t think straight
301, run this sh-t, i don’t know what u doing here b-tch
i’m quick to react to all the changes ive been through
sacrifice is what you need to do
if making money interest you