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lirik lagu social club misfits – jesus waves


[verse 1: martymar]
yeah, i wanna be perfect
it’s so hard to do
i wanna love like you
i can’t even love like me
i try to love my enemies
it’s k!lling me inside
i try to turn the other cheek
and i feel like i almost died
you were hated just like me and
you know my scars
my old pastor didn’t support me
so i know that it’s god
cause’ i made this far
and i made it this hard
had seen it’s ups and downs
but i still know that you’re god

[hook: fernie]
he is god
there is no other on top of him
rose up from the grave and his
grace conquers all our sins
he is love, he loves us
we commit to him
lord over all let our lives
be a testament
(2 times)

[verse 1: fernie]
living for god like jesus
in a world where they’re more
worried about prenups
in a marriage it’s tough
here goes my thesis huh
here goes my thesis huh
the lord is amazing and wonderful
grace is sufficient and worth of praise
word became flesh, sacrifice and was raised
so that man could be saved
and be with him again
he loved us so much that he died on that cross
when he could have called legions of angels
and he called me son when i let him in my heart
now i seek this from a whole different angle
so we’re no longer strangers
i strive to be like christ my savior
i just jot it down
all the words come from god
and for that i’m eternally grateful, fernie