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lirik lagu jw grape – gftb



man this some real grape sh~t
it’s hard being a grape out here man, especially where we at
let me tell ya right now, i don’t care if you an opp or not
if you stuck as a grape and didn’t flip like those silver maybach n~ggas
you got my respect
ain’t no easy life for a grape
let me tell ya why

(verse 1):

man i’ve been trying so hard to focus on my rap
but i constantly feel like i’m under attack
ever since my 2 bros died, i’ve been feeling sad
rip jay bklu and jay 4ourty, and rip my f~cking dad
those 3 grape legends werе never evеr doing bad
but i can’t forget about sey
man he got the money, he never ever came to play
can’t forget about dotty or geez
those the gsc twins, they dropped the opps like fleas

(verse 2):

but i’m on some fbg duck sh~t, gotta talk about the other side
i’m on some grape sh~t, so i gotta pay homage to the other kind
shoutout edot baby, cause he was making motion for his hood
and he put his bros on and they flipped, that i never understood
shoutout country too, solid guy and got himself up out the streets
shame how he left gang life and died, he was just tryna eat
and just know i’ll always be bnuk cause they talk on the grapes
but jc is they only real one, but he’s f~cking dead anyway
(verse 3):

and i’m real like that, we gotta talk about the guys that i didn’t know
shout out to chii wvttz, he seemed real, and he had a nice ass flow
and rest in peace to fn boyy, i’m from jersey so i gotta show love
even though i’m on that york sh~t, i can’t forget where i’m from
and shoutout my bro rem, cause he saw that phony ass makk sh~t
and free my bro cb, cause you know he got caught with that rachet
don’t get me wrong, forever oyk, but ddot the only one solid
don’t get me wrong, forever bnuk, but my old bro siah still bugging


that’s why i don’t know man
siah, you was supposed to be a real grape, and you dissing on the grapes?
we was all from the same purple man, but that sh~t stops today
f~ck siah and it’s bnuk
i’ll say i’m smoking on ray shooter and lisa
but i won’t say i’m smoking on another grape

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