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lirik lagu justin chang – yall real ones


i can’t believe at one point in time we used to be classmates
it seems to me that all the girls i used to know now m~st~rbate
i think the rates for autism just decided to f~cking inflate
i used to think you guys were friends now all i can do is f~cking hate

mizuki, you probably think im f~cking reckless
at least im not lonely enough into having to buy a f~cking necklace
i tell you to make some friends but what you are is f~cking senseless
you complain about your problems i wonder when you’ll gain self awareness

you said i’ve never touched a woman but you don’t give a sh~t if you wrong
i would tell you why youre wrong but it seems i dont have a f~cking crayon
you miss your old friends you miss f~cking darby and so on
no one gives a f~cking sh~t, notice the lack of sympathy you moron

mizuki you need a light because you ain’t that motherf~cking bright
like holy sh~t is being normal your kind of f~cking kryptonite?
and dont give me the bullsh~t “im already f~cking normal alright?”
you dont need no f~cking necklace what you need is f~cking jesus christ

arebella holy sh~t you are the stupidest person ive ever met
being f~cking r~t~rded dont mean you can be a degenerate
“i think im the most normal” you really f~cking said that
p~rn p~rn p~rn bts bts bts only thing in your f~cking mindset

arebella since when did you want your lungs to f~cking decay
“i do it once a day!” oh my bad that makes it f~cking okay
i bet your f~cking hoping for coconut pineapple on christmas day
“you guys just dont get!” i guess our message didn’t convey
you and mizuki you guys are like f~cking dumb and dumber
your lives are so depressing how the f~ck are you going to recover
the whole ass f~cking group chat you guys all just glaze one another
you guys are al the f~cking same i can’t tell you apart from the other

eliana you… never mind kean is gonna be listening to this

eric its time someone has said it
being a depressing b~tch dont obligate you to do this sh~t
“you guys dont get it!” i dont want to delusional spick
arent you f~cking 2 years older than me? f~cking b~tch

boohoo your f~cking sad it dont obligate you to f~cking vape
“theres no side effects guys! try this its sour grape”
youre g~y ass will learn sooner or later your making a mistake
“these guys are white and say the n word” at least our lungs won’t f~cking ache

youre a f~ggot and you vape youre just l on top of f~cking l
youre a degenereate youre a f~ggot the only 2 things that youll ever excel
everytime you talk you summon your glazers like what the h~ll
im done wasting my oxygen on you to your lungs i would like to say farewell

i swear half of this group chat is just all in all f~cking depressed
youre not f~cking quirky just be happy i highly suggest
you won’t listen to us because apparently were f~cking crazy?
this group chats autism levels never fails to amaze me
i can see you guys saying some stupid sh~t when i release this
“does it look like i care?” go ahead keep being f~cking remised
because it seems to me that this entire group chat f~cking consists
of f~ggots, degenerates, and autistic little b~tches who think we dont get it

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