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lirik lagu yung ares (usa) – donnie brasco pt.2


b~tch i’m floating, medicine i’m gulping

all my moves low key, my girl is the throat queen

keep my flow clean, mary jane and protein

stole a rollie, now time is my homie

donnie brasco, got range like a lasso

got the sauce tobasco, going harder than capo

don’t make me pop a cap bro, i do what i rap bro

loving the money i grab more, go to uk and stab bro

my hoes love me, buy me jordans after f~cking

not a gentleman so don’t have that assumption

no princess treatment, i’ma press you like a b~tton

if you wan’ impress me baby, i’m in love with touching

peter piper getting hyper, credit cards yeah i’m a swiper

body like peppers that’s getting hotter, say it in person not a typer

i do everything even cyphers, i got too good and became a ghost writer

jason vorhees yeah i slice her, after she bite me like a vipor

all this music it demand me

yes i mix my wock with candy

bro is savage, call him randy

rapping opps they cannot stand me

dark prince is the harshest

aimed up at the target

my sh~t is the hardest

my d~ck is the largest

i’m making demands yeah

ares don’t hold no hands yeah

lemme just count my bands yeah

heat to your body like a tan yeah

i got my own fan club, it’s full of bad ass b~tches

they call me handsome, let they man swim with fishes

take you for randsome, i got to handle some business

trashing whole mansions, syrup got me in different dimensions

before i drop the top, i tell shawty drop hers

told her be careful, dont get no stains on this fur

yeah i can splurge on you, but first i make it hurt
yeah bae i’m purging you, put p~ssy in the dirt

of course i’m curving you, because we wouldn’t work

after pnb i let no b~tch leave me on shirts

hola mamacita, dime quieres ir arriba

bad b~tch love to hit the blinkers

s~x so good she having seizures

demasiado hielo, yo siento frio

te dejara porque quiere ser conmigo

voy a matar todos mis enemigos

padre de rap, todos son mis hijos

no tiempo para retraso, ya sabes que soy guapo

en escuela no hice mis repasos

ella come mi verga como tacos

it’s that spanglish sh~t, yung ares deranged as sh~t

wanna make a track with strange music, grab the game and strangle it

yeah, she beg me for the d~ck

but thats a stranger b~tch

i’m in a ranger b~tch

i’m getting paper b~tch

it’s like i’m taming her, she dress like a barie yeah im changing her

if i don’t text back then i’m evading her

all black in my pictures i’m darth vader yeah

starry in the codeine mixed with mota got me fading yeah

weird body b~tch kinda built like a tater

bad ass b~tch but she begging me to save her

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