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lirik lagu shah rule & mr doss – 96


2024, breaking down the universe door
dior the house decor
spittin’ at the camera, for sure (ha), like mister shakur
jumping on stage, it’s the office parkour
and the party still going at four, yeah (yeah)
it’s hard kaur (ha~ha~ha)
you can’t trust the next, man
stay paper focused, no looking over to notice, this is an exam
city full of hocus, pocus, leeches and locusts
you gotta stay blessed, fam’
she ain’t a queen, she moving reckless
she don’t need that necklace
she fit but don’t fit your life, no tetris
she ain’t loyal, supporting chelsea, tottenham, fulham or west ham
you know the rest, man
last year, i went album mode but stayed single
shot my shot, i let the ting go
brands still calling my number like bingo
i’m back on the beats like ringo
still scream, “rule worldwide”, out the window
and i don’t bend backwards for no one
unless your girl playing naked limbo (ha~ha~ha)
therapy is cool but i’m back goin’ crazy
life’s a b~tch, and i’m saying it thirty years later than nas and az
i stay away from the cap like i don’t watch scorsese
but, no cap, good fellas raised me
i took an l when she wore something lacey
and said, she got a lot in store
okay macy, just know i’m a freak
my bedroom is not for the weak
tongue in cheek, we don’t sleep
count to one~thousand sheep
arching that back like mcdonald’s (sheesh)
happy meal when she lay down on my sheets (ha~ha)
just know, i’m a dog, tonight, i’ma give her this treat
we made a movie, she called me a hero
i’m bringing that heat like i’m robert deniro
n0bu~n0bu, yeah, she wanted it raw
i got durex money, i’m protecting it all
she mani, pedi, ready, french tips deadly
manifesting a menage a trois
two bottles of malbec down in the back of my car
she backing it up with her whole backyard
i’m breaking her back while i sip out of baccarat glass
and i’m giving her magic, she call me, “jafar”
i’m going in deep like i’m cariappa when he breaking down bars
i’m pushing her boundaries, burning them calories
the way that i’m slaying the ~~~~
man, i should be earning a salary
she never mad at me, blocking or adding me
every night give a blockbuster performance to make her go, “ah~ah~ah”
thank the academy
no keeping score
we loud and we making a cinema score
take after take and we give it some more
i put her hands up when i put my hands up on her curves
just like i’m holding a filmfare award (yeah)
then we made love on the floor (yeah)
my face is the hot seat, making her feel like she just won a crore
too bad, she move like a cobra
my bad, i network like oprah
i’m in the mirror like you’ll get the stage
you’ll get the gold, then i get it done like neeraj chopra
i believe like i did it before like my life’s on the line like criminal court
bad and sad days, i get sick of the sport
dig deep for more, die either or ether more
late nights on the mic, sweep the floor
woke up, checked logic, i seen a corpse
i can see my future when i’m reading forbes
i be streaming future ’cause i preach divorce
i invest in futures, gold bars, no jewellers
your boy been a ruler but my time ain’t tudor
classy as f~ck, i don’t hang with bueller (जी हाँ)
live like a g, die with a h~ll of a eulogy
enriching my family and unit, g
don’t swim in regret, no a~pool~ogy
i’ma need that brain like a tumor (geez)
i need that gratuity for tearing it up always to the t
no rumors ’cause i never brew the tea
spinaroonie on stage, i’m booker t
who but me? amongst too many?
hooks with range, tyson to manny
mayweather the storm, fury since i was born
hard knock any door like, “who’s annie?”
are you okay?
this is ninety~six bars, not coldplay
got the beat switching up like it’s roleplay
had to give you bars like the old days
and, did i k!ll this b~tch? i guess i’m oj

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