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lirik lagu jboat the rapper – bo-rang flow


well that was just, unexpected

out late, in the state, i be feeling’ pretty great
i’m straight, overweight, too much sh~t be on my plate
some say, i’m an 8, but i still ain’t get a date
that’s okay, ima wait, i ain’t fallin for no bait
out the gate, sh~t awaits, i’m up here in my estate
no hate, clean the slate, leave all this sh~t up to fate
no debate, i’m the great, when it come to rapping traits
i wait, for the days, where i can be staying late

i’m a white boy middle class virgin i ain’t get no ass
skir skirtin ain’t got no class, wrist hurting ain’t gotta ask
concerning but it won’t last, tide turning don’t got ta mask
sh~t’s burnin no hydro flask, keep searching put this on blast

i feel like there is no break, for the sh~t that’s up at stake
making hits, don’t miss, no way, messages that i convey
this might get to my dismay, my wits saying this the way
my sh~t omits this display, that i’ve written what i say

bored so i take walk out today, and i’m okay with that
yeah i’m okay with that, yeah i’m okay with that
sometimes my rhyming be on delay and i’m okay with that
yeah i’m okay with that, yea i’m okay with that
i don’t know what’s gonna hap~pen, next~~
i know my flow and check, my, text~~
i know i go to collect, my, check~~
i’m on my way to perfect, my, neck~~

i know with the way i go that some think that i’m bo~rang
i know i go with the flow what you say it means no~thang
i know i watch myself grow when i just be re~code~ang
i go pull up to the stow and glow there be no wo~nang
deceive, in the mo~nang, feelin’ good yeah no way
understood, that’s what i say, when this sh~t go my way
i might go on a highway, maybe on the freeway
my sh~t is all hits the bomb i drop it like it’s d~day



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