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lirik lagu lil weenie – fourth reich


[?] sieg heil
white nationalists prepare to take to the streets
this weekend, 1 year after the deadly charlottesville
rally, [?] is at front in ulysses, pennsylvania
i wanna warn you that, when you watch this piece
some of the language that you will hear
is extremely disturbing

[verse one]
grab a few kikes, then i put them in the oven
put them f~cking jews in
then i press the f~cking b~tton
k!ll another 6 million, no time for discussion
resurrect hitler, i’m thе one who gave the summon
put up to auschwitz, thеn i start the f~cking chamber
k!ll all jews, make america even greater
pull up to anne frank, gonna rape that kike ass
when she start screaming
i start the motherf~cking gas
aye, now we starting up some
motherf~cking fourth reich
aye, now we k!ll another
motherf~cking gross kike
aye, now we put the jews heads on a f~cking spike
aye, another holocaust
that’s what we f~cking like
pregnant jewish b~tch
so we throw her down the f~cking stairs
like float said “she was jewish
no one f~cking cares”
ben shapiro, ben shapiro
bring all the f~cking kikes down to 0
i wanna f~ck a jew but i don’t know why
it’d be less worse just to f~ck a guy
closeted g~y, so i start to cry
great white race, we gotta purify (sieg heil)
little jewish kids, so i caught a f~cking case
but you know, weenie likes the motherf~cking chase
the white skin color, that’s the best f~cking race
but the jews are in it, what a f~cking disgrace
no cap, i actually wanna rape anne frank
hold the b~tch down with a f~cking gunpoint [?]
cumming on the f~cking b~tch
all the way to the bank
was gonna start the chamber
but i lost the f~cking crank



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