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lirik lagu lilpoopshit – burger kings schizophrenia – 2023 remastered version


it’s lilp~~psh~t
this the revised edition
i was walking to a burger king (b~tch i was walking)
i saw some weird looking people (they looked odd)
i noticed they looked off it was uncanny
but i carried on to burger king (burger king!)
and i placed an order (i got a coke)
after i left the burger king
i kept seeing these people (b~tch it was scary)
i called my doctor and he told me that my schizophrenia was getting worse (getting worse)
i started crying i was really scared (it was tragic)
i just wanted to go to burger king (burger king, it sucks but okay)
(like burger king is ass) but my schizophrenia’s gotten worse (i should get some medication)
i keep seeing these figures in my home
i wanted to go to a burger king, but now my brain making see these things
i was walking to burger king, again
i~i was just hungry, i actually got some pretty good medication for my schizophrenia and even though i still sometimes see things i’m actually living a happier life uh so i’m just gonna go to burger king because i’m hungry woah



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