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lirik lagu original london cast of the great british bake off musical – rise


what have i been hiding from?
the girl i was, the girl i used to be
why have i been so afraid of everything
when i could just be me?

all the things in life i missed
it’s not enough to just exist
i always wondered how
but never knew, ’till now

what if i rise?
breathe in and count to ten
yes, if i rise
i’ll never sink again
if i could rise
and take the path i never took before
i’d be sure

gimme the recipe to finally cut the ties
let me rise

add a splash of confidence
and chop away the fear of no control
melt away the voice inside
and be empowered by your mixing bowl
can’t believe i ever thought
i would cut this journey short
the main event inside the tent
will finally be me!

they’ll see me rise
turn up the highest heat
yes, if i rise
i’ll be the one to beat
so when i rise
and bake the path i should’ve baked before
see me soar

as i rise!
i’ll never come back down
i will rise
and come out golden brown!
when i rise
in my mixture~splattered crown

i will prove that i am so much better
than the woman that i was before
follow the recipe and you can cut the ties
watch me rise!
watch me rise!
watch me rise!



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