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lirik lagu d-troit’s – stop it


intro – yea, boys all over the world listen to the words of this song i want everybody to sing long

verse 1- you mother f-cking b-tches wanna keep judging me, yea i’m talking to you hunter, garrett, and lane keen, just because i don’t have a good girlfriend like you’ve had, that doesn’t mean you have to act like such big pr-cks and f-gs, everything that i used to have is now gone, hey b-tch pay attention and listen to this song, my dog died the other day and my dad got shot, you little punk as b-tch you better go suck a c-ck, hunter you little pr-ck, go suck a d-ck, and maybe even break up with that guy you call a “chick”, garrett i’ve been with you in the beginning, but now i’m about to put you to your end “the ending”, i’m gonna make you suffer and gonna make you pay, and when you think of me i hope you bow down and pray, lane keen more like the idiot named sheen, you didn’t do it your still a virgin, you kept your hands clean, i wanna kick your -ss so bad that i could feel it, i have so much pain inside me there’s nothing you can do to heal it, i want you to stop calling me a f-g, at least i’ll have more love than you will ever have, 3 people i hate all my life, if you make one more insult i’ll stab you with a knife, and if you do it again i’ll end your life……peace!