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lirik lagu sum 41 – wwvii parts 1 & 2


[verse 1]
the year is 3468
and they’re about to eliminate
life as we all know it on planet earth
they’re products of a new regime
with manufactured designer genes
scientifically enhanced at birth
superior in almost every way
with telepathic dna
they’ll hunt you down there’s nowhere you can hide
created for the k!lling machine
proto-nuclear human beings
we must help to prevent this genocide

have we created, our own demise
their out to k!ll, using their minds
you’ll feel the chill, run down your spine
tell me, since when has being human been a crime?
going to hunt you, going to get you, your time is up

[verse 2]
it seems the time has come for the human race
gone for good, vanishing without a trace
cerebroids are silencing their cries
the clones are trying to -ssist evolution
through state sponsored executions
will nothing stop this evil enterprise?
until the day a leader emerges
with mind powers like electric surges
he’ll give us hope, he’ll teach us how to fight
a clash of arms with the enemy
and outcome no can force
let’s pray they can’t withstand our human right

[chorus] [x2]