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lirik lagu a$ap al – sirens


this beat is a joke
when calvin raps he chokes
calvin’s in the trash
but he’s got lots of cash (d-mn)
i’m up in the stars
but i ain’t got no bars
this rap game isn’t hard
no, you can’t play rdr (amazing)
straight off the streets, i’m thugging
pop a few shots, ain’t nothing
i run this game, like weezy
this rap game is so easy
not cheesy (really?)
my flow is so sick
just like one brick
murk him right quick
he be like, “aw frick!” (interesting)
i got 100 b-tches on my d-ck
just give it 3 l!cks
my rhymes are so sl!ck
just like i was rick
shouts out to dp
hanging with t-pain
when it’s time to go
i hop on my plane
swagging out the house
walking down the street
knock on the door and say
trick or treat
bieeeeeen dit