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lirik lagu lil_ramsic – turn down for what? (


i’m a shy guy by nature, a timid trouble maker
i’m an old school gamer, yeah, a mario player
yeah i’m a geek i’m a nerd, and that sh-t’s unheard of
as a rapper but i’ll say this first, watch me i’ll be king, colin firth
rapping with the big dog teaming up with king kong we’re doing our thing y’all speeding up my sh-t y’all
a skinny white kid with a corrective lenses like s-x while camping this is f-cking intense yes
now i ain’t a f-cking good boy and i’m definitely no saint, you can trust me on this cause i promise you i ain’t
i’m a f-cking artist but i can’t even paint, and once i finish rhyming, you’ll be feeling faint
you might think i’m sh-t at this, well file a complaint
cause i ain’t taking nothing from no-one, nope no restraints
i’m from a nice little area, but i ain’t f-cking dainty
i can rap with de, but i’m white so paint me
now touch knees to elbows and pray for ya safety
cause i’ll be leaving you shaking like an earthquake, haiti
maybe i’m amazing? but cause i’m white ya’ll blatantly saying that i’m just a wanna-be shady. well that, ain’t, me