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lirik lagu yg kronik – overdrive (prod. wetmall x luffysome)


afraid to even leave the room
the pain is screaming every tune
not me, i’m resting in the tomb
i’ve been feeling blue as my room
lost everything when i lost you
when you lost me you lost nothing
not bluffing when i say money’s coming
but that dont mean nothing to me nothing
money doesn’t make happiness
especially when you’re a broken person
i have a broken smile
i’m not happy i just pretend to be
hate me but just remеmber me
feeling the lack of еnergy
latching on what you said to me~
“we’d last forever” but that’s such a lie
if it was true you wouldn’t be f~~~ing another guy
especially when we barely broke up the other night
look what you do to me, b~tch
you started another fight
and ever since you left
you don’t know what i’ve been through
’cause i’ve been so depressed
and there’s n0body to vent to
there’s no heart in my chest for me to forgive you
’cause i’d be dating a sl~t that’s how everyone depicts you
’cause everyone knows what you did
and that’s the worst thing
what’s worse is that i’m still trying to fix this
after how bad you hurt me
friends who left said gabriel give that b~tch up but their words aren’t working
it’s like when i lost you i lost everything
when you lost me you lost nothing

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