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lirik lagu lost soul – mispoken


baby baby baby baby
baby baby baby baby

baby dont leave me, heart broken, tears runnin down my cheek
chest getting tight i can barely speak

baby oh baby oh baby dont leave meee
baby baby oh baby please save mee

baby im brokin, u laughin? im not jokin, tears won’t stop runnin im chokin
feel like im generally mispoken
baby took my heart like a token

mispoken mispoken mispoken

broken down feel like a clown, broken down shoulda neva’ chased u down
hurts like a round to the chest
baby ur the one that i loved
baby ur the one that i hugged
baby im broken neva’ gеt no rest
baby u always make me strеssed
neva’ less

rounds in the ground ground
how could u do that
my heart you made me lose that
chase you down, around town
im a fool for u
chase you down
make myself look cool for you
i made myself look like a clown
fallin down
fallin down for u
down for u
baby i wanna be around for you
cause baby my heart pounds for you
for you

shawty i told u we was through, broke myself down for u, never realized not a clue
broke myself down down for youuu. man im such a fool for u, never been cool just actin cool for u
court vision cut my heart open yeah an incision i told you we done thats my decision

my decision, bad or good reflection
of what we used to have, baby i thought we were good for eachother
bad decision
lookin in the mirror at the reflection
baby i dont know what i was thinkin
when i decided i loved you
loved you, dont know what i saw in my vision for me and you

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