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lirik lagu san quinn – devotion 


[verse 1 ?]
mac forever
drive catolack, grip [?]
no battle rap, you get my baretta
i was born to mack
[?] like a thumb tack
mack under my sweater
you disrespecting the mob, we’ll put your ass on the news
play my position, first string [?] special [?] holla, hit your collarbone and [?]
your mans, gather them, so i can finish you all up
how you feel when there’s no one to call up?
you can forever hate it, and i stay dedicated
me and this b~tch hip~hop, ain’t never getting seperated
remember that

[verse 2 ?]
mama, mama, i’m trying to succeed
but it’s so hard to grow, when ain’t no water for the seeds
dirt just hurt, and the concrete bleed
and the drink make me think, and i’m stressed by the weed
but a lil opertoonity is all a n~gga need
but a lil opertoonity is so hard to see
ain’t no hope for the kid who mama smoke crack
and his daddy don’t want, pimpin hoes on the track
i been there, over there
powder rolled off the highway
[?] get high everyday like it’s friday
ghetto [?] say eh, eh, man, why i pray?
my day is coming one day, so tell me why stay?
[?] the ghetto where [?]
blase blase
but this what i say
keep your head up, like drinking a [?]
[verse 3: too $hort]
i seen millions, a lot of women catching feelings
what i deal with, but i stack them to the ceiling
and i still get them, ’cause i’m a real og
yeah i’m flashy, i just like to chill low key
these squares see a player, they don’t wanna get with me
all around the world, on this california pimpin spree
i know you got a man, why you acting so defensively?
i ain’t tryna sin you, ’cause that just don’t make sense to me
f~ck you, getting money is what i’m up to
i hustle everyday, but i ain’t never had enough lute
my girl’s a pro, professional, getting dough
i got the best ho, n~gga, what they hitting for?

[outro: too $hort]
over 25 years later
since 1980
i got a whole lotta love for you, baby
i’m talking about my b~tch!

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