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lirik lagu willie sees green – latchkey 3


you just lost to the loser
boy lucky i don’t come through and scoop her
got her jumping right in like a uber
cruise off feeling like old times, we met like in 010
wish i could’ve said 09, cause rhymes better
but you already know i don’t lie
you already know i stay true
they already know i’m on time
they don’t really gotta front, they already saw the boss side
like i ain’t willioso with the mob ties
try and f~ck around on our side
i got a house in the heights, and some guns in the compound
hit her once she a bop now, leaf drop that’s a lock now
i’ma bring it all home, put the prof out
who you know do it like this?
who you know still on that sh~t?
who you know still making moves?
i mean someone that’s not in my crew
you flex and you front like a lot of you do but a lot of you foo
contract certified ass, go ahead and put it on the fridge
i’ma put plaques in the glass