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lirik lagu måneskin – bla bla bla


[verse 1]
you broke my heart so i crashed your car
you say you’re sorry, well i bet you are
and bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla

[verse 2]
i hate your face but i like your mums
you play it smart but you look so dumb
dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
and ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah
[verse 3]
i wanna f~ck, let’s go to my spot
but i’m too drunk and i can’t get hard
ha~hard ha~ha~ha~ha~hard
and bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla

[verse 4]
you said you love me but it’s just for fun
give me a chance and i’ll make you a lady
and ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah

[verse 5]
you like cocaine but you don’t like pot
you say i’m a loser cuz i want a puff
puf puf puf puf puf puf puf
and bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla~bla

[verse 6]
you said goodbye so guess what i’ve done
i called your best friend and i said wassup
let’s f~ck f~ck f~ck f~ck f~ck
so ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah~ah
and then we went to your favorite club
she drank too much and she said you are
a tw~t tw~t tw~t tw~t tw~t tw~t
[verse 7]
then i drove into a parking lot
she smiled and told me “you have a massive car”
ca~car ca~ca~ca~c~ck

i don’t get how i felt in love
i guess i liked playing with your dog
it made me feel like we had a son

but fu~fu~fu~fu~fu~f~ck you
my mama told me that she never liked you
my life sucks and the blame is on you
so fu~fu~fu~fu~fu~f~ck you again
no no nono no no no
you got me angry and now i love punk
i listen to the smiths crying alone
so please please let me get what i want

so fu~fu~fu~fu~fu~f~ck you
all my friends they were right about you
you are so basic and you’ve got stupid tattoos
so fu~fu~fu~fu~fu~f~ck you again
and do no no no no no no
you said i’m ugly and my band sucks
but i just got a billion streaming song
so kiss my bu~bu~bu~bu~bu~bu~b~tt