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lirik lagu prizes roses rosa – the australian light


“it’s alright don’t get it wrong
yeah yeah
cuz i do not beg”

so i walk
it’s so hot
i could die

without [?]
back inside
three [?] of black [?] in my eyes
the australian light
6 o’clock australian time

today i received
from you
the greatest gift
i’ve never seen

you are the greatest thing surrounding me



come home

the light
so bright
so bright
it hurts my eyes
so [?]
the shimmering light
on the [?] subway station
the australian light

(the asphalt it jiggles like jelly)
air conditioning heat [?]
eucalyptic leaves
eucalyptic oil

my whole face is bathed in australian light
i’m crying

watching sweaty people come home