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lirik lagu vito the don – jumpman remix


[verse 1: vito the don]
jumpman, jumpman, jumpman , my 3 peats is dunking
gucci gucci gucci belt hold up red monkeys
fendi , fendi , fendi scarf cost like 400
imma human globe i’m draped in all these countries woo
i can only speak if you talking money woo
money’s not the topic then you get to stepping woo
i just pearled a blunt packed with two grams of that og
puff it twice then p-ss it you can’t hit it if you kobe
codine , codine, codine we all out you bluffin
f-ck it hit the store and grab some robitussin
way to many heart eyes you must think i love you
you searching for something that you won’t be getting woo
i see you tweaking stop with all this texting woo
jumpman , jumpman , jumpman , watch out where you stepping woo
buddha , buddha , buddah that be all my st-tching woo
dopeman , dopeman get the door the plug just text me woo
jumpman , jumpman , jumpman , jumpman , jumpman , jumpman , might just switch it up pull out the concept asics
them boys just gone hate it them boys just gone hate it
asic asic asic i bet they still gone search it
she was trynna spend the night i told her wait
grab yo stuff it’s after 12 you gotta skate
no boo , no boo , no boo , no boo , no boo , no boo not a uber you betta pray you find a way
say you blocked my number that don’t bother me
you just saved me sp-ced yo number was never saved
i just i just send a text to yo bestie
watch her come and scoop she sucking for my seed
1,2 , 1,2 i don’t need no introduction
jumpman remix osho osho on production wow
hey girl can ya take directions need to get this down
no staying the night , just leave yo keys and suck me now
insta insta can you stop with all that flexing woo
jumpman jumpman you should see my whole collection woo