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lirik lagu tv’s kyle – next level chicken


ladies and gents, i publicly must lament
the poultriest problem they make
i love the fried chicken, but the plot, it then thickens
for i only love it when it’s great

there’s good stuff around and ok stuff i’ve found
but i’ve got an itch that must be scratched
i know there’s a mark above the best that i’ve snarfed
the best chicken that has been hatched

i need that next level chicken
i need that next level chicken
the stuff at lamont’s, no~no, it just leaves me want~
ing. it’s good but it won’t satisfy
the stuff at mook’s pier, i tried that bullcr~p last year
they try to distract you with fries

the chicken at beasley’s, or should i say “diseasely’s”
is scarcely a chicken at all
the chicken at bjorn’s, the foreign grocery store
is good, but they folded last fall

i need that next level chicken
i need that next level chicken

but then i wandered into a new ramen shop
karaage chicken offered a la carte
i ordered me an order and when it arrived
twas a sight that gave hope to my lonely heart

three massive pieces fried into a golden brown
with a juiciness that could not be surpassed
combined with seasoned salt that they served on the side
it trounced all chicken that i had in the past

it was the next level chicken
truly the next level chicken
i had the next level chicken
i ate the next level chicken