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lirik lagu pbooze – hibiscus (freestyle)


yo, how do you start a song, dog?
i don’t know how to start a song because i i
i’ve never done it before… f~ck

[verse 1:]
i guess i’ll just jump right in
and bump my sh~t
and stuff my d~ck
into some dumb b~~~~
ha, i kid
i’m just trying to incite riots
just in spite of the sh~t
i’m like a lion, ya’ll could never try with the kid
i’m like poseidon, gotta trident i’m gonna stick
inside your hymen, p~ssy virgin rappers ya’ll be tryin, to f~ck with me is like climbing the mountain zion
i am like i am ’cause i am so yahweh
i say what i say ’cause what ya’ll say is dog~play
i be on the main stage, ya’ll caught up in the hallway
“i’m gonna make it one day” tsch that’s what they all say
sh~t i be insured in this game just like allstate
smoking up them swishers like that kid from pittsburgh
macadelic, used to bump that sh~t now i feel stellar
now i’m gonna go intergalactic sh~t i’m interstellar
you can’t k!ll me, my body’s filled with icarus
new to the streets, but fortunately, i’m sick with this
practically ubiquitous, as one of the best hopefully, if i just stick with this
new to the game but still true to his name
pbooze came cruisin aimed to ruin the game
entrepreneur, he say it till he’s blue in the face
entree consumer, my appetite is bruisin the plate
you lames who came to wu~tang me
couldn’t kick two flames if you hade butane feet
i’m dope from tulane, to vancou’ mane, what is you doing, what your pursuing is futile, ha you ain’t
gone out~rap me, me olfactory is smelling bullsh~t coming from you directly
and now it’s full send on a full bottle of absinthe i pull sh~t
oh sh~t, i’m feeling crazy and woozy
on this beat, i might leave a contusion
or maybe two sh~t sh~t i been making improvements
rap game hopefully starting a movement
street fighter hit him too many hadukens
true spit you kids is just a nuisance
copped some new kicks but you ain’t got nothin new since
ima have to go and say it in a true sense, i be blue blood, you kids is blue lips