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lirik lagu samad savage – drill don’t kill


if the enemy of my enemy is my friend
and it’s me against me
who am i then?

[verse 1]
drill don’t k!ll people, people do
you judge a book by it’s cover you’ll never peep the rules
depression causing preservatives in convenient food
if it’s food for thought then it’s obvious that we eating gloom
graffiti on every wall, my n~gga, read the room
your city trynna do you dirty, you might need a broom
if my environment evil should i be evil to
fore i crash out and lose
have you ever seen a mama buy a tombstone for her firstborn
he got that unexpected call home and picked up the phone
she gotta be struggling with her faith
i know it’s hard to move on
if god makes no mistakes i guess it’s truly no wrongs
this world’s a horror film with backgrounds of beautiful songs
i feel imprisoned, but i understand that my word is bond
they hope the devil let us smoke like a rip from a bong
but i’m prepared for the storm
and any weapon that’s formed
will never prosper, why the f~ck am i the
only guy that’s not speaking on topics of
c~cking the pocket rocket the
shots hit a op, they jot it
down make a song a drop it
i’m not a preacher, prophet or god, but i’m realizing
it’s systematic
no connection with the radio so we with the static
man i ain’t trynna hear that sh~t if the beat ain’t slapping
it’s cool if the lyrics positive and bout peace and passion
but we need that recent action
[verse 2]
brody don’t aim that
wait yuh
brody don’t aim that sh~t
jersey club, hands, hips, brody gon’ swing that sh~t
bullet straight to the brain, that’s it
popo give him the chains on wrist
he was sliding for gang, dang man
now everyday he sit
yeah he caught him a oppy
tats on his body, so the judge gone do him sloppy
sorry said to his mommy
bobby stalone, sh~t getting rocky
so called ahkis won’t give him gwap he stuck
you think he’s evil, it’s obvi huh?
without a background you probably judge
huh yeah
probably~ man
check his family photos
daddy a no go
mommy would work at the go~go
friends was a roach and a mouse
yeah it’s a house, but it don’t feel like a home though
and the aunty was sick for a nose blow
it could be summer she love her some coco
she was selling his birthday gifts at a p~wn shop
even though the price was so low
type of city that make you go loco
make you jump with the stick pogo
so he found him some bloods, no they not blood
but he call his big homie bro bro
you can’t be where he from and be solo
no bro, got him a 44, i don’t mean ocho
it was all good, until it wasn’t
him got smoked so he on they top spinning, woah
he just rubik’s the block
instead of mourning and getting some therapy
big homie told him to rinse him a op
that’s a solution? i think not
but where he from, it’s more like a tribe
versus a tribe
k!ll one of mine, i got a mop, who down to slide
this sh~t is war, boom boom
been like this since the beginning of time
grrt baow
that’s what he was thinking, but here’s the reality outside his mind
it’s a design to keep us k!lling each other
it’s literally a pipeline
i had an op that i thought about k!lling
but instead of drilling i thought bout black lives
first i was thinking i got to get mine
got a couple folk that could do the crime
but if this the moment that i get signed
i don’t wanna end up like big slime
plus i got family that as a man i see
they made some moves they regret down the line
i might throw a jab or a diss in a rhyme
but for my people i gotta provide
and when it’s time for my god to decide
my ego won’t be the reason that you die
my ego won’t be the reason that i die
that don’t mean i’m p~ssy that just mean i’m wise n~gga
so i’ma rise quicker, i don’t need tool
cause drill dont k!ll people
people do
huh yeah



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