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lirik lagu thebigd – nats


a lotta thots tryna f-ck with me
but they ain’t anywhere near my level
they be b-tches flashing like a d-mn bezzel
all these nats doing is sending nudes
like bih find something better to do than dudes
i dont know why these f-ckboys tryna f-ck with you
honestly i can’t ever trust a hoe
cuz all these nats doing is not letting me grow
cuz i could give a b-tch the universe and she’d still want mo
im feeling exhausted of these silly thots
only thing they got to give is they hot
but not really if we comparing warmth they hearts is chilly
it dont matter they everywhere china, mars, and philly
these b-tches poppin p-ssy like its molly
and dont be sitting laughing cuz this could be ya daughter
v-g-n- getting wet for every man like water
honestly i think someone cursed this earth f-ck you harry potter
these hoes more confusing than a puzzle
i never trust a thot cuz all they bring is trouble
they will f-ck up your life and only leave rubble
all these nats do is f-ck up this planet
they slacking too expecting everything to be handed
the more i think about it these hoes are really like a child
and they act the same but come in different styles
i don’t have a heart for these thots
so i curve these b-tches on the spot
because i’m hard on thots
these fake women are more deadly than a blood clot
these f-cking thots be a d-mn curse
with these hoes even thinking bout em hurts
how you gon let a b-tch f-ck you when she filthier than dirt
stand up if you wanna exterminate thots off this earth
i ain’t playing sl-ts are like a cancer
and if changing the culture don’t work
we might have to hit up a necromancer
i can’t f-ck with yall d-ck sucking hoes
you b-tches ain’t sh-t and it shows
exterminating these thots is the goal
they just some snakes with a hole
f-ck a b-tch id rather beat my meat
these women only f-cking with us so they can eat
f-ck a thot f-ck a girl f-ck love
i only f-ck with money cuz i’m above that petty sh-t
so somebody tell these nats to hop up off my d-ck
because these b-tches switch lanes like a drunk driver
and if that ain’t enough then they get bodied like a cypher
and they make no sense too expecting a man who’s chill and hyper
nats be acting childish somebody hand em a diaper
and then afterwards they steal your hoodie like swiper the fox
so i’m warning y’all stay away from thots
cuz one day yall gon be sippin a couple shots
and a couple months later you’re gonna be dealing with the cops
all because these b-tches are is some gold diggers
they ain’t got no heart so why should we
but for real when dealing with f-ckboys and nats just let em be
because society still somehow values those pieces of sh-t
we just gotta exterminate thots twenty seventeen
and finally make this planet clean
and they saying daniel watchu mean
im talking bout get rid of all these nats
cuz they filthier than a welcome mat
i dont hang with these fake women
so b-tch listen if you wanna f-ck ya outta luck
cuz yall some ugly hoes anyway
so i gotta say man f-ck a bae