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lirik lagu envy* (group) – facts


intro [isiaah]
facts on facts on facts on facts, facts on facts on facts (x2)

verse 1 [hazy dael]
left and right when i looked to the side
pullin up when i see her in sight
i try to look good when im out for the night
i keep it real good when she down for the ride
give me this give me that
let me give you all of that
jiggy for the kitty imma do it for the p-ssy cat
do it like a pirate boat is rockin f-ckin in the bed

imma make my home run for the fun cuz own it
breakin out the borders cuz im done with the throne and
making every moment from the silver to golden
charmin citizens the innocence that i robbed from
them the mother marrys do i dig em i sorta
not really all of em out of 10 is a quarter
checkin up the id’s cuz i eat like a vulture
freakin everyday and thats a part of my culture

hook 1 [quest]
finna we were pullin’ up to the scene, finna we were pullin’ up (finna we were pullin’ up)

verse 2 [fat b]
i deserve to be the one, to be the gun, to be the sun from monday – sunday
had fun with one baby
run, run it up, run it up lately
run tiko run

eyes feeling dumb numb
wanna go to london
get all the fine dimes
feel all the sunshine

we envy boys comin’ up gotta rise
f-ck your comments give no f-ck to your advice

hook 2 [anima]
do it for the fam and the team
get the cream count it up 4x

outro [isiaah]
facts on facts on facts on facts, facts on facts on facts (x2)