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lirik lagu jordymuzik – untitled


verse 1: jordy
this game has been obliterated and over saturated i hate it
it’s complicated, i don’t know how to state it
if i could equate it, it should be confiscated
from some of these rappers that say that they made it
they dominated
all they tak about is being intoxicatied
if i could i would evade it
the state of the game is so dilapidated
i got the juice because i’m so concentrated
don’t even wanna get faded
ever since i started rapping i’ve been infatuated
now i’ve graduated
and i’ve situated myself to where i can’t be replicated
now i am fixated on trying to get syndicated
this beat i finna be obliterated
i’ve been liberated no longer incarcerated
it’s the birth of a legend so happy belated
birthday, ok, i’m here to stay and i’m elated
gonna burn it down until it’s incinerated
feeling invigorated and exhilarated
my flow is too sick like it’s been regurgitated
never gonna be exterminated so you better get vaccinated
your boy is too cold like i’ve been refrigerated
don’t need a hook because those are overrated
but if i used a hook then it would be baited
and they gonna be biting it the way that i gave it
that was kinda heavy it was to weighted
one day i wanna put a song out and be congratulated
getting acclimated with these beats that end up decapitated
never recalculated just reactivated
demonstrated how i make this beat decimated
don’t need a pep talk because i stay motivated
the state of the world has got me frustrated
there’s only one way to say it only jesus can save it

verse 2: jordy
me and chance are pretty similar we may see eye to eye
we haven’t sold any alb-ms the only difference is i tried
you don’t want no problems with me because i got angels by my side
that’s not pride
these rhymes are so bright you might call them ultralight
beams, in between the screams i dream of going all night
i fight with all my might
and put my all in every line i write
my future is bright, i run toward the light
just to clarify when i say the light i’m talking about christ
now listen to me testify
that’s right
i’m that guy
got the game on standby
i run it like a franchise
bright like a sunrise
yeah you better recognize
that i won’t compromise
and never apologize
prolly got you terrified
now i got that clarified
no need to be verified
because i won’t be denied
you’ve seen the outside
now let’s take it inside
i’ll be the judge so watch me preside
inside my mind is a place you don’t wanna reside
oh my i may try to make your whole life capsize
a lot of these rappers fake they got on a disguise
they gonna despise that i brought on their demise
it’s like i got bad wifi
can’t connect like a high five
always gonna strive because i got that drive
staying in the kitchen like i’m cooking rice
your boy to nice, knock knock like i’m twice
this game is tricky like rolling dice in the ice
wanna know my my vice?
i just wanna slice
but people just want these corny rappers in their head like lice
and i just gotta scavenge like a pack of mice
boy i wanna thrive by the time i’m on alb-m five
what a time to be a alive
can’t wait until i arrive
this game trying to make me die
like gloria g-ynor i will survive
come a long way that little boy who was shy
want these labels to pick me, pick me, pick me up like i.o.i
gonna apply my mind until they like this boy is fly
they gonna be singing all my songs out in shanghai
but for now i’m -nsync bye, bye, bye