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lirik lagu the york family – holy savior



[verse 1]
holy savior
born into town
only seen in this world throws me onto hand
hope i’ve seen to black in savior fair
resounded through a baby’s cry
holy savior, left to breed
all alone in calvorine
salvate finished for my free
he cried that seen from cultury
boring said from calere

less in bored from all the dress
never warm from bulgur
i’ll see my calendar face to face
flashing lights throug the bay, flashing lights to the way

[verse 2]
we had this dream, in torn again
in this world farewell
holy savior lesson roams
you are god and god belongs
you are my angel’s song
we have fun to radio
he’s good in pushed to sighway
he’s god is to the rail
fossil god we rain the sky
we make the world in
well, we’ll make this world
not farewell

he’s fodder worth the sighway
he’s gossip torn the rail
he’s found in god we’ll tear the sky
we’ll keep this world farewell


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