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lirik lagu chesca – mind break


follow me to the back of the club and i can show you a thing or two
touch me, touch me under these lights and baby imma put this thing on you
cuz i do it so good make you never wanna stop
do it good as i should, pick it up and let it drop
let it drop down low then i’ll hop on top
i go up down up, i go bada~bop

you know i drive you crazy
you know i drive you crazy
call me your baby
i~i know you wanna taste me
i got your vision blurry
your vision hazy

vision hazy, can’t see a thing but you and i
we dance alone, you hold me close, and you might see more of me tonight
so let’s go
we can just hop in my ride
put your hand on my thigh
look me right in the eye and~

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