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lirik lagu tfam – zanpakuto dota


hook x2:
bad asian b-tch hit me up on tomagatchi
she said she like my style i’m ichigo kurosaki
haters talk some sh-t hit em with my god zanpakuto
trappin golden suits in dota with my main hoe

verse 1:
girls just a shadow fiend
hit em up with the yellow beam
support that girl shes just a dream
f-ck a girlfriend that sh-ts a scheme
this girl swimmin like a fish
d-mn girl you just a b-tch
smokin blunts life’s a b-tch i need more weed that’s my wish
f-ckin on a thottie she only want my c-cky
and when she said i’m naughty i told that b-tch i’m sorry
lil b flexin cuz i’m on my based sh-t
talk some sh-t bout based god and you will get hit
i’m selling carts out the -ss so i can pay some rent
when my landlord send me angry texts i get bent
f-ck my old -ss neighbor that hoe is insane
i tell that dumb b-tch off cuz that b-tch have no brain yuh

hook x2