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lirik lagu smokesupplier – street law


12 gauge put his brain on the street
and my big troop he touch down in a week
shoot you in the leg you ah drown in the creek
why you love that b~tch? she get pound she a freak
if you try to jack put a round in yo cheek
p~ssy know you weak come get split like a dutch
i’m cooking a1 crystal junkie love the rush
just cause you outta town
don’t mean you won’t get touched
smoke been a problem they want me in them cuffs
cause we living life like it’s snow on the bluff
steady hoppin out a stolen car
real jackboy i’ll take a golden bar
rock out on yo block
with no guitar
tie yo ass up and get the blow torch
yo lil b~tch treat my d~ck like it’s gogurt
b~tch snortin all my blow till hеr nose hurt

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