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lirik lagu engine no. 9 – wheelbarrow



for those who can’t believe it got this far, i see you acting cool, yeah trying to be hard. a style that’s tricky, but it’s never easy to change. be warned, you should have been smart enough to recognize the half of it. fed up with your timing that’s a little too late. let me have your attention. just rk6 lunatics with chaotic intentions. wheelbarrow hold my load (oh my lord?) is full of smoking hay. ya been warned, now let’s get on with it, a short time for superstars and megahits (for mega~tits)
got what you need to get prepared for the day. oh no, checkered ego, the types that you know, be legends in thеy own minds, you know you like that, then why you acting mad?
a kriminal so lock the doors or i’ll attack and that bе bad. vocal scissors keep it sharp, sharp, sharper than a razor. be a cutting fool for the ones in your major. h~ll is minor to the finder of the ill philosophiser, and i’m about to put ’em out like the ones who fight the fires. so, can i get a hey? can i get a ho? yes, i’m stressing to the folks that think they thought they know. here’s a strong introduction to the real world, be a good girl and prizes are seen in your future, how super, man, here we go again. whether you fly in the air or be cruising on the land. come on, sign gn it with your hands and take it from a master. anything you do quick, we gonna do it faster. let’s get back, to the subject. derelicts to dialect, getting bent again to stay so, unbothered, by another, do or dying, super~ flying, to implying motherf~ckas. wild, wild, wild child acts so full of drama, but gets away from the house and starts to cry about her mama. catching on, it’s gonna getcha, chaos style is hmm how i wmkm wetcha, so you’d better play nice or big 9 is gonna set ya. now the end is near, you say at last, was it funky enough in three parts, so it’s a triple blast. caught up in a mental confrontation, what to do now with the rest of your time and probably feeling it, too. survived all these years, i’ll go more, then let it stand. when everyone can relate and eating out my hand. the attitude is raw, funkdamental is the law. when no. 9 is in the house, don’t you trip ’cause you may fall. and now you have to deal with me…
now you have to deal with me so come and get some. in the back, all the thugsters to the front and come and get some. convert to doing dirt, be like us and flip crazy, while the jealous wonder why? and walk around like they be lazy. that’s no way to act when you’re receiving what i’m giving. it’s the dopest definition when you ask me how we’re living. so if you’re high strung and you want to feel the rush that you’re about to… then come and get some

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