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lirik lagu music failures – for the other me


i found a piece of paper in the rain
took it home, thought it was just one more draft to ease all the pain
an idea came and i realized that i could use it, so
to the other me, please hear my woes

[verse 1]
each day was as mundane, as boring as the rain
and the world seemed to be spinning, but i’d stay just as the same
as i walk through the halls of white fluorescent lights that shine so blue
i’d keep asking myself, “what’s my purpose, who are, are you?”
a metronome kept my time, moderating every rhyme
like a clock, seemed like i’d come and go, just timekeeping in full~time
how could i break free of the glass, slowly work my way up to pass?
all the people that i see can’t know, a giant mass

the truth had finally voiced itself, enlightened i became
as the sudden scenarios came and went, adrenaline flowed in my brain
future me, how did you find yourself resisting all the pain?
could you find a crowd to fit in, would they all shelter your name?

[verse 2]
they say i’m immature, can’t see what’s going on
though the thoughts sneakily stay immortalized inside a song
the few allies i have assist me, thereby opening the gate
can i recognize what’s happening in my mind’s state?
a frog had fallen inside of a milk pail, and it tried
to escape the lofty walls of steel that guaranteed its demise
after kicking all through the night, persevering with all its might
all the milk, churned into b~tter, it hopped to the light
i weaponize information and i try my best to wait
as the zeroes and ones in every line of code have determined my fate
future me, d’you ever feel like concepts of yourself aren’t true
an anomaly unlike the rest, impostor from your view?
so how can i meet their expectations, keep my friends so dear?
nothing less than a girl who writes down songs that n0body ever will hear
can you tell me i’m alive and valid, make it crystal clear
that these numbers don’t define me, as i shed many a tear

dear future me, have dreams of desperation finally come true?
can i really stay alive until i meet you?
dear future me, remember when i wrote this message to you?
i will hope that my true colors will show too…

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