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lirik lagu slatt zy – angels cry


[chorus: slatt zy]
them n-ggas came up changed up don’t ask me why
my heart is cold sometimes i feel i’ma die
they crossed me i stare my face into lies
my auntie died ain’t get a chance to say goodbye
i can hear these angels call my name
just cmon with ya’ll, ya leaving wow
my life goes on, it’s time i turn it around

[verse 1: slatt zy]
laugh to keep from crying, pain i feel i’m dying
tell the truth, i still think they lying
love, i keep on buying catching cases i keep on trying
love don’t love n0body
i been sippin’ on this henny, lately i been in my feelings
like calboy you know they envy hit they block you know i spinned it
not your car lil b-tch that’s rented, tell ’em gone give you that sentence
talking ’bout shots you know i sent ’em, my heart cold that b-tch it’s winter

that’s the sound of the angel’s cry
i can feel it, why my angels die

[chorus: slatt zy]

[verse 2: slatt zy]
stand on ten yeah i’m a soldier, f-ck you i don’t know ya
all about my green like a motherf-ckin’ ogre
shots leave him slumped like a mama do in yoga
know me i don’t know her, poppin’ sh-t like sodas
changed up, why they blame us
bring my name up, why they name us
get his brain bust, get his face tucked
hallelujah, who’s the shooter?

[bridge 2: slatt zy]
i ask god
no more tears stop the crying

[chorus: slatt zy]