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lirik lagu pgmaxpayne – taliban.


yuh, yuh
pgmaxpayne, man
you see?
yuh, aye

i came a long way from being in the trap
and you not my kenfolk, you can’t get a dap
yeah, i f-ck yo’ lil’ b-tch, and i blow her back, n-gga
it feel like tennis how i get to the racks
i remember i had that monkey on my back
now, all a young n-gga do, get to the racks
p-ssy n-gga, young n-gga-n-gga, you ain’t gettin’ yo’ sh-t back
i got the pistol loaded, and it go cl!ck-clack (uh)
f-ck yo’ bih’ (yup), she is a gnat-gnat (uh)
pg might just have to come, and go double back
run up on me, i got a gun (yuh)
taliban, i ain’t goin’ for nothin’
i’m feelin’ good, i just bathe in the sun (yuh)
bricks heavy, boy, they weighing a ton
and the b-tch on my d-ck still after i nut
what the f-ck? now, she want me in her guts (yup)
yeah, n-gga, boy, i came from the gutter
remember days when i was wishin’ i was six feet under
days i had to sit back and wonder
and my dawg got one call up in that cell, i ain’t talkin’ ‘bout gunna
when i’m in that bih’, i gotta run (uh)
we roll yo’ jit like some marijuana (yuh)
i don’t got no heart, n-gga, i just got trauma
might as well call me pg obama
but, that n-gga still gon’ blow like osama
f-ckin’ yo’ b-tch, i put her in a coma
when i f-ck that b-tch, i did it in sauna
i pull up in a porsche, you pull up in tonka
and yo’ ho like chocolate, she call me w-lly wonka
and i know you be talkin’, but when you go do somethin’?
f-ck it, i’mma just pour a wock’, and (yuh) fruit punch
and lately, them demons been talkin’ to me
you push up on me, and i’m uppin’ that g-lock
and i got a fine bih’, i call her mamacita
when she ride my d-ck, i say, “yee-haw”
17, hold the .30 (yuh)
know that the streets get dirty (yuh)
i hang with them big birdies (yuh)
and i’m getting money for certain (go, godd-mn)
i can’t wait ‘til i’m up
i wanna buy a lamb’ truck
and i’m off of the shroom, i’m feelin’ stuck
f-ckin’ that b-tch, she ain’t gettin’ no luck
and i f-ck on that b-tch, i got my .30 tucked
she said she want some gas for a d-ck suck
i was so down, now, i just had to get up
and it ain’t a lot of n-ggas backing my trust
what the f-ck? (yuh)

you know we got big guns, bih’
sticks, gl!ck sh-t
lotta clip, dirty clip
now, what the f-ck—
you know, [?]
godd-mn, barrel guns