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lirik lagu clique iv – iz dhat you?


oh yeah!
i told her get outta my way/
i’m trappin in a veteran way/
boy i’m a daredevil with the moves/
youngin from the ghetto and i’m finna get the juice/
i was born a winner n-ggas hoping ama lose, i dont wanna lose/
i can never gossip backwood always on my lip/
i’m never seen talking yeah talk is way too cheap/
puffin medicinal yeah you know i’m so sick/
you gotta pick a side boy you not in my clique, not in my clique/
lately i been feeling like a veteran/
i know they don’t wanna see me gettin better man/
i only catch flights no feelings/
and i got my mind on the business/
they happy when they see me on the ground/
maybe watch me f-ck it up and get the crown/
watch me takeover i’m here to transform/
c.o.b ghetto that’s where i come from/
roll it up get outta this world/
k!llin’ beats like i hop’ in the booth with a

you could think i’ve been at it for ages/
f-ck the clout i just want the dead legends/
purple lips i got love for that hayze/
mayne i can’t trust you i trust j’s/
we been at it since we met in form 2/
foes mad ’cause they know we got tools/