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lirik lagu skullyx1 – bursting into flames


said, imma dive into flames
i, mmh~mmh~mmh, can’t numb the pain
it hurt too much, i hear the rain
all people i love all stay the same

[verse 1]
i don’t want your pity (hey, hey)
said, i don’t want all your pretty (hey, hey)
you’re like a star, i like you near me
if you wanna barge, you can’t be with me
not my fault, uh
ooh~ooh, yeah
ooh~ooh, ooh
yeah, you and me, you know i’m the color blue
oh~oh, oh~oh
just remember that i don’t love you, you’re always working all the time, got nothing else to do?
switching people in the verses so they don’t have a clue
it’s 2022, man, yeah, it sucks that i grew
when you were looking at me, i couldn’t tell (hey, hey)
but when you do, oh, it fits me so well (hey, hey)
i took too much, and it’s like a spell (hey, hey)
you’re on my mind, can’t see very well (hey, hey)
i see the rain, can’t numb the pain
but when i look up, swear, i cry every day
i love you so, i love you so
but when i know that you are gone
i see your face from right in taunton
i can’t feel any more emotions, i’m so high, i’m faded off a potion

imma burst into flames
do not care what the people say
i’ve took too much, can’t numb the pain
i see the sky, it’s full of rain
said, imma burst all into flames
bruce wayne
i’m on a chase
imma burst into flames, imma burst into flames
imma burst into flames!