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lirik lagu okaymar – fun


yeah, yeah, d~mn (p~ssy ass n~ggas)
yeah, d~mn
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
yeah, go

[verse 1: okaymar]
glock 40 gon’ have that boy jerkin’
i’m in the studio, late night, workin’
switch on the glock, now that b~tch twerkin’
he on the app all day then workin’, d~mn
don’t let these lugs fool you, i will rob you
i’m with gang, lil’ b~tch, we sticked up, we gon’ ride through
don’t cross that line with me, you could get fried, dude
i’m off a percocet, lil’ b~tch, i’m f~ckin’ fried dude
she say, “mar, baby, you such a f~ckin’ fly dude”
i just wan’ f~ck, i don’t wan’ cuff, that b~tch is dry dude
i’m in a top~floor penthouse with a lil’ sky view
oh, you wan’ gеt up with me lil’ bro? ight’ dude
[verse 2: 1oneam]
b~tch, i got them sticks, man, i can’t fight you
jugg him for his sh~t, is you alright dudе?
yeah, b~tch i’m f~ckin’ yo’ ho, that’s yo’ wife dude
yeah, bro we got them sticks, we got them pipes fool