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lirik lagu ninefingers – where the water meets the earth beneath the sky


i remember those first days in school
when we were brand new
you were sixteen and easily
the prettiest thing that i had ever seen
we used to love to read
high up in the trees
climbing up with ease
let our feet hang off the branches
and enjoy the breeze
you used to write me letters
filled with all your dreams and fears
you just wanted to be together
but knew life might interfere
and you didn’t get love at home
at least not the kind you needed
so when you were in my arms
you felt so much more completed
but i was not content
like siddartha sought the road
i wanted to explore all of its contents
my soul feels that need to roam
my only home is a rolling stone
i remember years later reconnecting near the ocean
my life had been at hyper speed but yours stuck in slow motion
so we pressed pause at the edge of the world
watched the waters churn
introduced each others new scars
underneath a blanket made of all stars
these are not metaphors
just the picturesque scenes that have made up our reality
where the water meets the earth beneath the sky is our modality
we exist alongside, together yet separate, overlapping virtuality
i don’t want to build anything with you
not a home to sleep in or a bed to keep in
let’s just get in the car and drive
or we can hop on a train and ride
explore the world and all its seasons
soak it all in without worrying about the reasons
and i’ll give you my hand to hold, cause god knows this place can get so cold
i know that love is not about finding yourself inside another
you must know yourself before real love can be uncovered
but i’ve been trapped outside the walls i built around my heart
i can’t remember how to love and i do not know where to start
but i still have this memory of love when it was pure
back when i’d give myself to you without feeling so unsure
i want that part of me back, to feel complete and intact
instead of bouncing bed to bed as a way to distract
i know that love is not about finding yourself inside another
we must love ourselves before we search for one another
we must love ourselves first…
it’s seven one from the beginning till the end, my name is written in my skin
and this sigil keeps me grounded to remember who i am
just a child at his desk, feeling gifted but repressed
lines to deconstruct distress, to transform it and progress
then it was eight for the infinite, tralfalmadore inhabitant
the one and only ivan trapped in glass until i wrote my way back, yes i wrote my back, yes i wrote my way back!
i didn’t have paint and so i cut my finger off and smeared my blood upon the glass
spilled my blood out on the tracks, and it opened up a path, the amber cracked at last
and i managed to extract all of my true self still intact
so now it’s nine, no longer trapped in time, so i’ve come to redesign, all the confines of these lines
the bars that held me back are now the bones inside the rhymes
the bars that held me trapped were just a doorway in disguise