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lirik lagu sarunosa – beetle


don’t call me a rapper
b~tch i’m an artist
if you can’t keep up
please don’t make me your target
don’t call me brother no more
you don’t know me
do this solo
no b~tch this ain’t soli
b~tch shut up
i don’t want to talk now
say what you wanna
but i’m smoking weed now
b~tch light up
and shut the f~ck up
hit that sh~t
and smoke that blunt
take that pill
it’ll be alright
this sh~t’s got me
up all night
home from the gym
call my friend up
can i hit your sh~t?
i need a get~up
might be a fien
i do not hide it
maybe i’m the addict
i just need to charge it
baby let me know
when you want to smoke
i can always come through
if you want me to
let me smoke a bowl
so that i can sleep
take the edible whole
i cannot count sheep
n0body knows
what i’m thinking ’bout
i won’t tell my friends
that i get all these doubts
i’m a little pr~ne
don’t be surprised
if i disappear
and don’t come home
baby talk to me just one more time
make out make up let’s ignore the why

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