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lirik lagu laura marano – act iv: crazy to think


it’s crazy to think
before we would meet
you used to run
on the street by my street

it’s crazy to think
before you were mine
i could have seen you there
passing me by

we were both taken
but i still wonder
what we would do
if we saw each other

who would have known
after that part
one day i’d be here
to give you my heart

its crazy to think
you’re meeting me now
and i’m in the middle
of a breakdown

i don’t understand
how you love me somehow

you met me while hurting
for somebody else
while i’m still learning
about myself

you are the light
in a field of dark
i need your touch
to heal my scars

why’d you meet me
when i’m falling apart
but even with cracks
i still give you my heart



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